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IntroductionOur history
The first head of the Department, which will celebrate its centenary in 2023, Academician József Finkey, began his teaching and scientific work in this field in the Department of Mining Engineering and, while still in Selmecbánya, he started the foundations of the laboratory that was essential for practical teaching in the field. After moving to Sopron, he initiated the establishment and equipment of a new laboratory as the head of the independent department. During his short period as head of the department, which lasted barely twenty years, he established the new department's national and international reputation through his teaching, scientific research and literature work in the field. The department moved from Sopron to Miskolc, following the changes in the field of science, and expanded its teaching and research activities to include the preparation of mineral raw materials and building materials, in addition to ores and coals. In addition, following international trends, he also placed great emphasis on the theoretical and practical investigation and development of processes, procedures and equipment. In response to the challenges of the times, the Department has also started to develop in a timely manner the professional-scientific teaching and research areas related to environmental process engineering, industrial waste and the preparation of secondary raw materials. Today, the Institute is one of the leading, strong professional communities and internationally recognised scientific workshops of the University and the Faculty.
Over the 100 years, the professional community has helped and continues to help train excellent engineers, technicians and scientific researchers, and to solve industrial and scientific problems.